Who we are

Colchester Amphora Trading Limited (CATL) comprises a range of direct trading business and property and development services offered on a consultancy basis to a range of public and private sector clients.

Colchester Events Company

The direct trading business includes the Colchester Events Company, which promotes and hires out a variety of assets owned by Colchester Borough Council for functions, weddings and concerts.

Helpline Monitoring & Response Service

We run Colchester Helpline, a community alarm service which assists vulnerable residents in the Borough.

Ultra Ready for Business

Colchester Amphora Trading also offers private and public sector businesses a set of professional property and development skills and expertise to deliver a range of Estate Management, Economic Regeneration and Commercial Development aspirations.

We have expertise in running companies and providing services from both a local authority and a private sector perspective and particularly understand the pressures on the public sector to generate new sources of income whilst maintaining a strong sense of service delivery and commitment to making the lives of local people better.

We are forward thinking and innovative and have worked alongside Colchester Borough Council to make Colchester one of the best digitally connected places in the UK.

Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd, registered in England No. 10799072

Registered address: 33 Sheepen Road, Colchester CO3 3WG

Tel: 01206 282421

Trading under parent company Colchester Commercial (Holdings) Ltd (CCHL), registered in England No. 10798878. CCHL is a wholly owned non trading local authority company, limited by shares, and Colchester Borough Council is the sole shareholder.