Welcome to Colchester Commercial (Holdings) Ltd (CCHL).

We set the strategic direction for and provide financial management for our three subsidiary organisations:

  • Colchester Amphora Trading Ltd
  • Colchester Amphora Homes Ltd
  • Colchester Amphora Energy Ltd

We are also actively seeking new business for the group and would welcome the opportunity to discuss proposals from a range of interested parties.

Colchester Commercial (Holdings) Ltd is wholly owned by Colchester Borough Council and is parent company to:

The Colchester Amphora Trading company is the trading arm of the group offering a range of services to both public and private clients

Property and commercial development consultancy service

Events management

Community alarm services (Helpline)

Ultrafast broadband consultancy

Colchester Amphora Homes is a housing development company focusing on building high quality homes for sale and rent.

We are committed to delivering affordable homes for local people.

Colchester Amphora Energy provides a range of energy consultancy services, delivering energy saving schemes and projects for businesses and local authorities.